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    Press Release - October 2, 2012

    "Midwest Rake Company LLC, located in Warsaw, Indiana, has purchased Seymour Manufacturing Co. Inc., headquartered in Seymour, Indiana. The effective date of the acquisition was September 28, 2012. Both companies are tool manufacturers, serving multiple markets both domestically and internationally, with an exceptional range of products."  Full Story

    Little Leagues Hope To Make History Article -Saturday, September 17, 2011

    Warsaw Times-Union - August 18, 2011

    "Little League grounds crew member James Dellomo prepares the field at Lamade Stadium in South Williamsport, Pa., Wednesday."

    The Wall Street Journal - January 19, 2011

    "[The Snow Roof Rake] reaches up to 16 feet. It helps lessen the snow load on the roof and prevents the formation of ice dams that block drainage and lead to leaks."

    PGA US Open - June 2009

    Good Housekeeping - April 2009

    "The right tools make creating and maintaining your yard easier and faster. We dug up this year's most innovative finds, evaluated them for performance and durability, and asked recreational gardeners and experts alike to test-drive how easily and well they handle their designated jobs."

    "Lightweight and perforated, the Toolite Sifting Shovel earned raves for how well it sifted dirt and peat together, and scooped out and drained muddy earth and clay. The nonstick coating improves ease of use and keeps it protected from rust."

    Press Release - December 22, 2008

    "Midwest Rake Company LLC, headquartered in Warsaw, Indiana, has purchased Northstar Tools, operating out of Temecula, California. The acquisition was effective December 22, 2008. Northstar Tools will continue all operations at its California location. The brand identity will endure."

    MLB World Series (FOX) - October 2008



    World of Concrete - February 26, 2008

    "The votes are in, and we have winners in the 2008 Most Innovative Products contest. Held each year at World of Concrete, the MIP contest showcases many of the new products being exhibited at WOC and gives show attendees a chance to vote for the products they believe are the most innovative. A panel of industry experts also reviews the products in terms of the innovation they bring to the industry."

    Midwest Rake Co-Sponsors STMA Conference -Wednesday, January 9, 2008

    Memo Release - January 10, 2008

    "For many years, Midwest Rake Company has partnered with the "Wide World of Sport"... all major sports and all levels of many sports. Over the years, the quality of our tools and ourcreativity in designing special tools for sports field creation and maintenance have allowed us to share in many sports-related projects and adventures; from supplying Olympic venues and championship fields, courts, and courses around the world to partnering with professional level sports representatives in improving local fields of play. The STMA (Sports Turf Manager's Association) is holding its annual conference in Phoenix, Arizona from January 15th - 19th. Along with Toro, Ewing, Hunter, and others, Midwest Rake Company is co-sponsoring the conference once again."

    Wall Street Journal - September 7, 2007

    "The good: Just a solid, handsome garden tool. It has a 24-inch head with powder-coated steel tines that grabbed those leaves and raked them into submission."

    "Best Overall is the rake that did the best job - a basic, steel-tined professional-grade number..."